Who we are and what we do

We are big thinkers about big data – harnessing its power, unlocking its potential, managing the complexities, mastering the possibilities and synchronizing myriad technologies so businesses can move from insight to action.

Our passion is deep data science and advanced data engineering that’s focused on generating business value from big data.

Our solutions are designed to help our customers make better business decisions, increase user engagement, reduce costs, and improve efficiency by using Big Data and Analytics to effectively manage, access and understand information

Our founders have been solving cutting-edge big data technologies using Hadoop before it became a household word. As a company, we thrive on true technology independence, with deep expertise in Hadoop, NoSQL, Presto, Spark and other emerging technologies. Our engineers and scientists are known for going further and thinking deeper. We have conceived, designed and delivered solutions for some of the world’s most largest big data users. Because we know exactly what we’re doing and aided by our end-to-end approach, incorporating strategy and roadmap development, we deliver results faster.


We'll inventory your data sources and key processes, and work closely with your IT and Engineering teams to understand your target infrastructure from the inside out. We'll then create an enterprise-wide data strategy customized to your business, and provide tailored recommendations for people, processes, priorities, and technologies.


We'll help you improve upon or build your enterprise data platform from the ground up, overseeing and implementing crucial system-level architecture, functional, and technical design. We’ll take care of the construction, testing, and deployment of your data platform, using leading edge technologies like EMR, Hadoop, Spark, RedShift, SQL, and Azure.


We'll design and build enterprise-grade data pipelines to feed your platform, including advanced ETLs leveraging metadata-driven integration architectures. We'll help you leverage data from all of your sources to create comprehensive views of your customers, and take action on that data via targeting, personalization, and other customer-facing systems.


We'll help you evaluate, tune, and optimize your Big Data applications so you're running at high performance 24/7. We will monitor your essential data metrics and evaluate crucial details like extract, transform, and load process times to help you keep your end-to-end system fully optimized so your applications are never weighed down.


We're committed to the best in security, accuracy, and timeliness when it comes to data migration. Customers migrating to the cloud require complete integrity of data, with no down time and sensitive data handled with utmost care.


Our professional data scientists have real world experience with segmentation, machine learning, predictive analytics, and deep customer analytics. Alamere has pioneered advanced techniques in data modeling, collaborative filtering, recommendations systems, and specialized algorithms for real-time decision making in Big Data environments.


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